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BSK-H Borrelia Growthmedium with L-Gln, 500 ml - Available

BSK-H Borrelia Growthmedium with L-Gln, 500 ml - Available
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BSK-H Borrelia Growthmedium with L-Glutamine We can deliver, Europe-wide. We can deliver in... more

BSK-H Borrelia Growthmedium with L-Glutamine

We can deliver, Europe-wide. We can deliver in Europe.

Advantages of the BSK-H medium:

    High protein, peptide, nucleoside and vitamin content
    Highest quality
    Constant cell growth batch after batch

BSK-H medium is recommended by the DMSZ.

BSK-H medium is a high quality, specific "ready-to-use" medium for extensive cultivation/isolation of spirochaetes (such as Borrelia spec., especially B. burgdorferi and B. hermsi).


Does not contain rabbit serum.

The "ready-to-use" BSK-H should be supplemented with 3-8% rabbit serum.

Important: BSK-H medium pre-supplemented with rabbit serum at the time of purchase is not recommended under any circumstances. Since the serum is unknown to the customer as the most problematic ingredient in such a case, the researcher has no possibility to intervene or manipulate the medium in case of growth difficulties.

A reproduction of experiments with 2 different batches is not possible.

For these reasons, we do not offer such a formulation.


Rabbit serum can be obtained from Bio&SELL here. We can currently deliver!

More information about Borrelia culture with BSK-H medium

BSK-H medium is a highly complex formulation with a very high content of proteins and peptides. It is particularly rich in nucleosides (nucleobase and pentose, no phosphate residues), has glucose as an energy source and a high content of vitamins. BSK-H medium contains N-acetyl-D-glucosamine, which is the essential element of bacterial peptidoglycan.

Specific galenics and precise production processes guarantee you a BSK-H medium of the highest quality and purity from batch to batch. And thus always a constant reproductive cell growth.

The sufficient amount of HEPES in the BSK-H medium keeps the buffer capacity stable over a long period of time.


Storage temp.: +2°C to +8°C


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Titel: Molecular Characterization of the Interaction of Borrelia parkeri and Borrelia turicatae with Human Complement Regulators

Autoren: Melanie Schott, Sonja Grosskinsky, Christiane Brenner, Peter Kraiczy and Reinhard Wallich 

Journal, Jahr: Infection and Immunity, 2010; https://doi.org/10.1128/IAI.00089-10

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