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HEK 293 (renal cell) medium S serum-free, 500 ml

HEK 293 (renal cell) medium S serum-free, 500 ml
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  • BS23.525.0500S
HEK 293 Medium S for suspension cells 'Human Embryonic Kidney' cells serumfree. Ready-to-use... more

HEK 293 Medium S for suspension cells 'Human Embryonic Kidney' cells serumfree.

Ready-to-use medium for HEK 293 cells.

 The HEK- (human embryonic kidney) 293 media serumfree are particularly rich media for suspension cultures.

Bio&SELL HEK-293 S medium serum-free:

    Keeps HEK cells in suspension and prevents attachment.
    Guarantees high growth rates of the cells

Use of HEK-293 cell line:

    In the development of viral vaccines
    In the production of chemotherapeutic agents
    For the production of recombinant adenovirus vectors
    We will gladly send you an adaptation protocol

 Also available for adherent cell cultures: HEK 293 (renal cell) Medium A serum-free (BS 23.525.0500A)

Adaptation of HEK 293 cells:

A change from serum-containing medium to Bio&SELL HEK medium serum-free is often possible without any special adaptation. For cell clones that do not tolerate a simple transfer to HEK medium serum-free, Bio&SELL recommends culturing the cells in HEK medium serum-free with serum added and gradually reducing the serum content. This procedure is supported by higher cell density during seeding.

For a successful transfer of the cells into a serum-free culture, the vitality state plays a decisive role. Therefore, the cells must be taken in the logarithmic growth phase. According to our experience, cultivation from the logarithmic phase succeeds with significantly higher chances of success.

When transferring the cells, it must be ensured that after any detachment of the cells with trypsin, the enzyme is removed by complete washing out or is inhibited by a trypsin inhibitor, as the neutralisation effect present in the serum is omitted.


Storage temp.: +2 to +8°C

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