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FBS Niedrig-Endotoxin, < 10 EU/ml, 100 ml

FBS Niedrig-Endotoxin, < 10 EU/ml, 100 ml
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FBS Low Endotoxin ( Bio&SELL "FBS Low Endotoxin" is a FBS cell culture serum which, after... more
Product information

FBS Low Endotoxin (< 10 EU/ml)

Bio&SELL "FBS Low Endotoxin" is a FBS cell culture serum which, after critical selection and additional treatment, contains almost no endotoxins (LPS = lipopolysaccharides) of bacterial origin.

Advantages of the Low Endotoxin Serum:

    Constant quality
    High transfection rates
    Few interfering endotoxins


Endotoxins very often have a negative influence in transfections and considerably reduce the transfection efficiency. In addition, the reproducibility of experiments is limited by varying endotoxin contents. With the Bio&SELL "FBS Low Endotoxin" you reduce the lot-to-lot variations and improve your transfection efficiency significantly. The sera from Bio&SELL are tested for their endotoxin content using the "Kinetic limulus amoebocyte lysate test", the so-called LAL test. The LAL test is the most sensitive method of endotoxin measurement. The endotoxin concentration is given in the unit EU (Endotoxin Units) per ml or per product or mg. One EU corresponds to about 0.1 to 0.2 ng endotoxin/ml solution.

Properties of FBS Low Endotoxin

    Endotoxin content < 10 EU/ml
    Highest possible reproducibility
    Stable high transfection efficiency

Storage temp.: -20°C


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