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FBS High Performance (USA), 500 ml

FBS High Performance (USA), 500 ml
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Content: 500 Milliliter

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FBS High Performance, Origin USA Properties     This is an FBS which is kept in... more
Product information

FBS High Performance, Origin USA


    This is an FBS which is kept in a serum-free medium environment. This results in a mixture of FBS (content approx. 20%) and serum-free medium in order to make optimal use of the advantages of these two components.
    Additional chromatography, among other things to remove endotoxin (lipopolysaccarides), produces close to a defined FBS.
    Use FBS High Perfomance in the same concentration as before.
    Do not heat-inactivate the serum.
    Foetal bovine serum (FBS), origin USA
    Due to the lower proportion of FBS, High Performance also serves animal welfare.


    Low batch variability reduces time and costs for complex tests
    Validated in various standard cell lines
    Quality tests include sterility, pH, osmolality, proteins (total, albumins, globulins), haemoglobin, mycoplasma and viruses, endotoxin content
    Lower serum content is a contribution to animal welfare

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