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BioColl® Mouse (density of 1.086), 500 ml

BioColl® Mouse (density of 1.086), 500 ml
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Content: 500 Milliliter

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  • BS.L6121
BioColl® Mouse Separating Solution (density of 1.086) BioColl® separation solutions contain... more
Product information

BioColl® Mouse Separating Solution (density of 1.086)

BioColl® separation solutions contain polysucrose, a polymer with a molecular weight of about 400,000 Daltons. This hydrophilic polymer can be used to prepare aqueous solutions up to a density of about 1.2 g/ml. Depending on the target fraction, the appropriate density of the BioColl solution is selected (see list). For optimal values regarding pH and osmolality, BioColl® must be mixed with an acid, preferably amidotrizoic acid (ATS), and caustic soda.

Which density of BioColl® for which cell fraction?
An overview:

Platelets: density 1.040 - 1.060 g/ml

Monocytes: density 1.059 - 1.068 g/ml

Lymphocytes: density 1.066 - 1.077 g/ml

Basophils: density 1.075 - 1.081 g/ml

Neutrophils: density 1.080 - 1.099 g/ml

Eosinophils: density 1.088 - 1.096 g/ml

Erythroctyes: density 1.090 - 1.110 g/ml


BioColl® is a registered trademark of the company Bio&SELL GmbH

Storage temp.: +2°C to RT

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Technical data


Dichte: 1,086 g/ml

Spezifizierung: Zur Lymphozyten-Isolierung aus Mäusen

Organismus: Maus

Form: Flüssigkeit (durchsichtig)

Volumen: 500 ml

Lagerung: +2°C bis RT

Steril filtriert: Ja

Zolltarifnummer: 38229000


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